Hillsborough County 5 Homes On 2.8 Acres! – FL 33527 For Sale

  • $409,000
  • 15 beds
  • 6 baths

Property Info
Occupancy: Rented
Rent Type: MTM
Current Rent: $5,250

This is a Dover huge rental property!

Locate in the beautiful green area,
Right Off the big Tampa city,
Proximate to schools, golf course and shopping center
Only 30 minutes drive to Downtown Tampa

There are 2 properties,
Spread on 2.8 acres,
5 homes in total:
3 Single Family Homes
1 Mobile Home 1 Manufactured

15 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms
All rented yields $5,250 a month!

Huge Potential!
Keep it as-is and enjoy double-figure
%14.8 gross income…
OR updates the units
And increase the income to even higher rates!

Divide the land and flip these homes!
Only the Single Family homes are estimated at $540,000
The Mobile Home Estimate at $200,000

Hurry Up and be the one to lock this up!

Comps For Single Family Home:
3 homes in the 1-mile range sold for an average price of $258K and an average price-sqft of $209. The first comp is a second-hand home In a dated condition. It sits on 0.75 acres and it has a 290 sqft garage. it has only 2 beds 1 bath but it Sold for $294K. The second comps is an updated house. with updated kitchern&bathrooms. With 3 bedrooms 3 bathrooms. Sold for $279K. The third comp is a partly updated second-hand home. It has an updated kitchen & paint but a dated bathroom. It sits on 1 acre of land, with 3 bedrooms and 1 bath, sold for $200K.

The average price-sqft is $209

House #2 has big land and 1,232 sqft, estimate ARV is $200,000.
House #5 has smaller land, but block frame, estimate ARV is $180,000.
House #1 has is smaller in sqft, only 672. Similar homes with only 2 bedrooms sold for $160K. This house has twice the size in Gross Sqrft (1,200) and potential to enlarge it.  We estimate an ARV of $160,000.

Mobile Home Comps: (#3 , #4)
We estimate that the homes are worth $60,000 each as-is. And about $100,000 if it was renovated. Means The ARV of both is $200,000.

2965 & 3009 Dixon St
Dover, FL 33527
Lot Size:
2.8 Acres
For Sale
Property Type:
MLS #:

Call (407) 678-0062 for more details

Property Location